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Thomas Renoldner

Thomas Renoldner is one of the most recognized contemporary avantgarde animation artist. He was born in Linz, studied psychology and educational theory and later painting and animated film at the Academy of Applied Arts, Vienna. He is interested in the various areas of art: music, painting, film, installation and performance. His filmography includes numerous experimental, animated and documentary films, including Sunny Afternoon (2012) and Don’t Know What (2016). The latter has been selected to more than 100 festivals, won 25 prizes, the main awards at Annecy and Ottawa, and was qualified for the Oscards and was an Annie Awards finalist. He is also an experienced tutor, since 1992 he led animation workshops and seminars for children, youngsters & adults and leads the Animation Lab at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna since 2004. He is a founder and co-curator of the Animation Avantgarde competition programme at Vienna Independent Shorts Film Festival since 2009 and founded and directs The Best Austrian Animation Festival in Vienna.

Marzieh Emadi

Marzieh Emadi was born in 1986 in Yazd, Iran. She studied painting at the Arts & Architecture University of Yazd and video and video installation at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, Austria. Since 2018 she has collaborated with Sina Saadat in the fields of video art, video installation, short film and animation. Her paintings, video art and installation have been exhibited in various galleries, film and media festivals. Her film There Is, Indeed, the Unspeakable was selected in 2021 to Diagonale, Tricky Women, Oberhausen, Festival Du Nouveau Cinéma, Dresden.

Sina Saadat

Sina Saadat was born 1988 in Tehran, Iran. After studying painting at the Arts & Architecture University of Yazd he continued his studies at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. He is a freelance graphic designer, cameraman, editor and animator. He collaborated with Marzieh Emadi in many projects, including the film There Is, Indeed, the Unspeakable.

Árpád Hermán

After graduating from Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design Budapest (MOME) in 2011 with an MA in animation direction, Árpád attended a script writing and directing course for live action films. For two years he was a writer-director at studio ODD and taught at MOME, developing several animated projects as a writer and dramaturg, as well as participating at Animation Sans Frontiéres. Now he is writing and directing commercials, shorts and series as a freelancer.

About Primanima Jumpstart

2 in 1 talent development

Primanima Jumpstart is a 2 in 1 talent development initiative: a workshop and script development programme, which takes place before and during the 10th Primanima World Festival of First Animations and continues throughout the year in a form of online meetings. 12 selected talents can participate in a one-of-a-kind practice-oriented workshop and have a chance to consult their scripts with a script consultant after the practical workshop. 

We aim to find young, undiscovered talents from the V4 region and give priority to them in the selection process. We encourage both those who come from various backgrounds and are only dipping their toes into animation and those who are ready to master the new animation techniques and want to polish their storytelling skills. The building block of the programme is a four-day, practice-oriented workshop (2 October – 5 October) held prior to Primanima conducted by Austrian artist Thomas Renoldner and Marzieh Emadi Iranian artist  The participants will create a collective work and results will be presented on the opening night of Primanima. The participants of the workshop will be also invited to stay for the whole festival, to attend screenings and masterclasses. In the second part of the week (6 October – 8 October) during the festival, they can consult about their individual animation projects with Árpád Hermán, Hungarian animation director and dramaturge and are encouraged to discuss their projects in a group setting. This collective experience will build a strong bond between the participants then monthly script consultations meetings and consultation will follow for 11 occasions so that the participants’ projects and scripts can be in their best shape. The Primanima Jumpstart programme is unique in a way that it will continue to actively nurture the development of the participants for one year after the event. Moreover, a printed zine will be created with a participatory method, in collaboration with the participants. The zine will be published in 150 copies and will introduce the new talents and their projects to the network of producers, distributors, and industry players. We believe that our one-year programme will give a chance to participants who are usually not visible in the industry and prepare them to kickstart the development phase of their project and in the meantime, they can join the already existing, powerful regional networks.  

Practice-oriented experimental workshop and individual script development

Renowed tutors

12 participants

Long-term talent development

Apply by 10 September, 2022

Past editions

What to expect

at the practice-oriented workshop

A Trip to Unexpected Spaces:
Experimental Animation Workshop with Thomas Renoldner, Marzie Emadi & Sina Saadat

Looking at the history of cinema, and specifically of animated film (or even pre-cinematographic moving images), it becomes obvious, that since the very beginning two seemingly contradictory basic approaches existed, and we can find different terms to describe these basic directions; for instance: narrative & non-narrative, figurative & abstract, traditional & experimental.We only have to compare some films from the early time of cinema, like an early Disney cartoon with for instance Rhythmus 21 by Hans Richter, and these two basic directions become very clear. On the one side narrative there are films with the aim to tell stories and to entertain large audiences, on the other side films, which try to expand the possibilities of the medium, and often are made by artists, who are not filmmakers, but rather coming from other areas of fine art.

These two different poles did not stay strictly separated from each other, but after a while started to influence, to fertilize each other, and sometimes even mix up or exchange qualities, which had used to be characteristic for the other direction.In this workshop during Primanima the tutors want to concentrate on the experimental side of cinema, and want to invite the participants to take risks, to search for the unexpected. At the beginning of the workshop they will watch a selection of significant films, which may represent avantgarde cinema or experimental animation. The group will look at some basic directions and strategies, and will analyse the influence of other fine art disciplines and the role of sound and music.

The participants will then be invited to form teams, each one focusing on a certain concept, with the aim to finish an animated project. The tutors want to inspire the participants to think about animation not primarily as a form of film, but rather as “fine art in motion”, which instead of the cinema screen or flat monitor can be realised as installation in the exhibition setting.The festival offers a perfect exhibition space, where the results of the workshop will be exhibited. The participants will visit this space in beginning of the workshop, so they may include the strategy of presentation in the planning of their projects.

Submit your application

Apply by September 10, 2022

The workshop and the script development programme is intended for animation, art and film students and emerging artists under 35, priority is given to applicants from the V4 countries. With your application you express your motivation to both participate in (1) the practical workshop and (2) the script development programme.

To apply send your online portfolio (Vimeo link to your films, artwork, Instagram, Tumblr page etc.), your film idea (synopsis, moodboard, character list if it’s relevant) and a short motivational letter to by 10 September, 2022. Early applications are appreciated. 12 applicants will be selected.

The workshop will take place October 2–8 at BABtér, Budaörs, Hungary. The language of the workshop is English. The organizers will provide accomodation, in shared bedrooms with breakfast, meals and an accreditation to Primanima World Festival of First Animations (5 October – 8 October) and can partly cover travel costs.